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Janice Mary Bland

Janice Mary Bland

Fields of study

Subject areas

Children's literature   Creative reading and writing   Critical literacy and global issues in ELT   English language and literature teaching   English subject pedagogy

Scientific publications

Bland, Janice (2023). Deep reading for in-depth learning. Echevarría, Megan (Ed.). Rehumanizing the Language Curriculum. p. 81-99. Peter Lang Publishing Group.

Bland, Janice (2023). Key strategies for a focus on creative writing in ELT – Using mentor texts in teacher education. Children's Literature in English Language Education (CLELEjournal ). Vol. 11.

Bland, Janice (2022). Compelling Stories for English Language Learners – Creativity, Interculturality and Critical Literacy. ISBN: 978-1350202856. 360 p. Bloomsbury Academic.

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Bland, Janice (2022). Reflekterande kommentar – Literary apprenticeships for young readers and writers. Forskning om undervisning och lärande. Vol. 10.

Bland, Janice (2021). Picturebooks that challenge the young English language learner. Ommundsen, Åse Marie; Haaland, Gunnar; Kümmerling-Meibauer, Bettina (Ed.). Exploring Challenging Picturebooks in Education: International Perspectives on Language and Literature Learning. p. 122-142. Routledge.

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Bland, Janice (2020). Sharing critical perspectives in ELT with The Hunger Games. Education and Society. Vol. 38.

Bland, Janice (2019). Teaching English to Young Learners: More Teacher Education and More Children’s Literature!. Children's Literature in English Language Education (CLELEjournal ). Vol. 7.

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