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Jannica Heinström

Jannica Heinström


Research fields: psychological aspects of information interaction, personality, information behaviour, information literacy, motivation, serendipity, information avoidance

Scientific publications

Ahmadinia, Hamed; Heinström, Jannica ; Eriksson-Backa, Kristina; Nikou, Shahrokh (2024). Health susceptibility perceptions among Iranian, Afghan and Tajik minorities in three Nordic countries. International Journal of Migration, Health and Social Care.

Djupsjöbacka, Angela; Heinström, Jannica ; Österbacka, Eva (2023). The Importance of Information Literacy for Work Satisfaction in a World-Wide-Workplace Context. Widén, Gunilla; Teixeira, Jose (Ed.). Information Literacy and the Digitalisation of the Workplace. Facet Publishing.

Heinström, Jannica ; Ojaranta, Anu (2023). Veiledet utforsking som pedagogisk metode for informasjonskompetanse i skoler. Bøyum, Idunn; Tveit, Åse Kristine (Ed.). Rom for lesing og utforsking:Skolebibliotekets muligheter. ABM-media AS.

Heinström, Jannica ; Nikou, Shahrokh; Sormunen, Eero (2022). Avoiding negative information as a strategy for emotion regulation. Information research. Vol. 27.

Ahmadinia, Hamed; Heinström, Jannica ; Eriksson-Backa, Kristina; Nikou, Shahrokh (2022). An investigation of health information needs and use of healthcare services among people with asylum seeking background living in Norway. Informaatiotutkimus. Vol. 41.

Heinström, Jannica ; Nikou, Shahrokh; Sormunen, Eero (2021). Hide and seek – the role of personality, sense of coherence and experiential information in hidden information needs. 20 p. Journal of Documentation.

Heinström, Jannica ; Sormunen, Eero (2020). Serendipity as chaos or discovery – exploring the role of personality and sense of coherence. Information research. Vol. 25.

Heinström, Jannica ; Ahmad, Farhan; Huvila, Isto; Ek, Stefan (2020). Sense of coherence as influencing information sharing at the workplace. 20 p. Aslib Journal of Information Management.

Karim, Muhaimin; Widén, Gunilla; Heinström, Jannica (2019). Influence of demographics and information literacy self-efficacy on information avoidance propensity among youth. Information research. Vol. 24.

Heinström, Jannica ; Sormunen, Eero (2019). Structure to the unstructured – Guided Inquiry Design as a pedagogical practice for teaching inquiry and information literacy skills. Information research.

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