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Jannica Heinström

Jannica Heinström


Research fields: psychological aspects of information interaction, personality, information behaviour, information literacy, motivation, serendipity, information avoidance

Scientific publications

Heinström, Jannica; Sormunen, Eero (2020). Serendipity as chaos or discovery – exploring the role of personality and sense of coherence. Information research . Vol. 25.

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Byström, Katriina; Heinström, Jannica; Ruthven, Ian (2019). Work and information in modern society: a changing workplace. Byström, Katriina; Ruthven, Ian; Heinström, Jannica (Ed.). Information at Work - Information management in the workplace. 1. p. 1-32. Facet Publishing.

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Sormunen, Eero; Alamettälä, Tuulikki; Heinström, Jannica (2018). The Teacher’s Role as Facilitator of Collaborative Learning in Information Literacy Assignments. Kurbanoglu, Serap (Ed.). Information Literacy in the Workplace. ECIL 2017.. 2013. Springer.

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