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Jannica Heinström

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Heinström, Jannica; Nikou, Shahrokh; Sormunen, Eero (2021). Hide and seek – the role of personality, sense of coherence and experiential information in hidden information needs. 20 s. Journal of Documentation .

Heinström, Jannica; Sormunen, Eero (2020). Serendipity as chaos or discovery – exploring the role of personality and sense of coherence. Information research . Vol. 25.

Heinström, Jannica; Ahmad, Farhan; Huvila, Isto; Ek, Stefan (2020). Sense of coherence as influencing information sharing at the workplace. 20 s. Aslib Journal of Information Management .

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Byström, Katriina; Heinström, Jannica; Ruthven, Ian (2019). Work and information in modern society: a changing workplace. Byström, Katriina; Ruthven, Ian; Heinström, Jannica (Red.). Information at Work - Information management in the workplace. 1. s. 1-32. Facet Publishing.

Heinström, Jannica; Sormunen, Eero; Savolainen, Reijo; Ek, Stefan (2019). Developing an empirical measure of everyday information mastering. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology .

Heinström, Jannica; Sormunen, Eero; Mikkonen, Teemu (2018). Serendipity in High School Students' Information Acquisition. In Proceedings of the European Conference on Information Literacy (ECIL), September 24-27, Oulu, Finland (p. 38). ISBN: 978-3-319-74334-9. 3 s. Springer.

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