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Johanne Mamohau Engenberg Huurnink

Johanne Mamohau Engenberg Huurnink


Johanne M.E. Huurnink holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University College of Bergen (2012) and a master’s degree in midwifery from Oslo Metropolitan University (2019), her master’s thesis being “Clinical challenges of prolonged labour in Tanzania. A qualitative study». She has experience from Newborn Intensive Care Units in Norway and India.

Since 2020, she has combined clinical work as a midwife in the labor ward as a PhD-student financed by Oslo University Hospital, Ullevål Hospital. Her PhD is part of the project Progress, focusing on labor progression understood as cervical dilatation over time.

Johanne is supervised by Aase Pay (OsloMet and Bærum Hopsital), and the co-supervisors Ellen Blix (OsloMet) and Håkon Gjessing (NIPH and UiB).

Publications and research

Scientific publications

Huurnink, Johanne Mamohau Egenberg ; Blix, Ellen ; Hals, Elisabeth; Kaasen, Anne ; Bernitz, Stine ; Lavender, Tina; Ahlberg, Mia; Øian, Pål; Høifødt, Aase Irene; Miltenburg, Andrea Solnes; Pay, Aase Serine Devold (2024). Labor curves based on cervical dilatation over time and their accuracy and effectiveness: A systematic scoping review. 18 p. PLOS ONE.

Høifødt, Aase Irene; Huurnink, Johanne Mamohau Engenberg ; Egenberg, Signe; Massay, Deodatus Amadeus; Mchome, Bariki; Eri, Tine Schauer (2022). The perspectives of nurse-midwives and doctors on clinical challenges of prolonged labor: A qualitative study from Tanzania. European Journal of Midwifery. Vol. 6.

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