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Stine Bernitz

Stine Bernitz


Associate professor at the master's program in midwifery, Department of Nursing and Health Promotion, Faculty of Health Sciences at OsloMet and researcher at the Women's Clinic, Østfold Hospital. Holds a doctorate in organization and differentiation of maternity care in Norway, Faculty of Medicine at the University of Tromsø (2013), a master's degree and a bachelor's degree in perinatal health, Sahlgränska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Sweden (2006-2008), midwifery education, University College in Akershus (1999) and nursing education, Østfold University College (1994). The research focuses on progress in labour and the development of guidelines for assessing labour progression and minimizing unnecessary interventions in childbirth. Engaged in national and regional committees for maternity care, president of the Norwegian Perinatal Medicine Association and is contributing to the WHO's work on the Labour Care Guide, a new guideline for monitoring labour and assessing labour progression

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Delivery   Maternity care   Normal birth

Research groups

Research projects

  • The Labour Progression Study (LAPS)

    Our main aim was to investigate clinical consequences when using two different guidelines for assessing labour progression in order to reduce the caesarean section rate without jeopardizing the mother's or child's health.

  • The Norwegian WHO Labour Care Guide trial (NORWELCG)

    The Norwegian WHO LCG trial aims to uncover the impact of the LCG on labor interventions, maternal and newborn outcomes, and the childbirth experience, all tailored to Norway's unique healthcare system.

Scientific publications

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