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Mirjam Lukasse

Mirjam Lukasse


Lukasse became a nurse in Sittard, the Netherlands and a midwife in Belfast, Northern-Ireland. She has worked as a midwife in Pakistan, the Netherlands, the UK and Norway. She completed her Master of Science in Midwifery at Surrey Universtiy, Guildfor (UK) in 1998. Lukasse came to Norway in 1998. She finished her PhD in Health Science at the Univerity of Tromsø in 2011. The theme for her thesis was Childhood abuse and pregnancy and childbirth. Lukasse continued with the theme of violence against women and pregnancy and childbirth as a post doctor (three years financed by the Norwegian Research Council). Lukasse has diverse interests and currently leads a project testing a mobile application for women with gestational diabetes using a randomised design in 5 hospitals. Other interests are use of water for pain relief and birth, other pain relief in labour, oxytocin in labour, continuity of midwifery care, emergency care and midwives' working conditions.

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Scientific publications

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