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Ellen Blix

Ellen Blix


In 2014, Ellen Blix was the first Norwegian midwife to reach the position Professor in Midwifery Science. She graduated as a nurse in Hammerfest in 1980, as a midwife in Bergen in 1986, and has long clinical experience from maternity care. Since 1980 she has been involved in international solidarity work, in Cambodia, Lebanon and Palestine. She took a master’s degree (MPH) in 2000 and PhD (DrPH) in 2006 at The Nordic School of Public Health in Gothenburg.

She teaches at the master’s program in Midwifery and supervises master’s and PhD candidates.

Her research fields are fetal monitoring, the organization of maternity care, users’ experiences, and medicalization. She regards the Nordic perspective of midwifery, and the use of theories and models in midwifery as important. Blix is one of the editors of the book «Theories and perspectives for midwifery – a Nordic view» (2022), and she organizes the international PhD course «Theories and models for midwifery».

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Epidemiology   Midwifery   Normal birth   Fetal surveillance   Place og birth



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