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Ellen Blix

Ellen Blix

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Epidemiology   Midwifery   Normal birth   Fetal surveillance   Place og birth



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Nedberg, Ingvild Hersoug; Manjavidze, Tinatin; Rylander, Charlotta; Blix, Ellen; Skjeldestad, Finn Egil; Anda, Erik Eik (2022). Changes in cesarean section rates after introduction of a punitive financial policy in Georgia: A population-based registry study 2017-2019. PLOS ONE . Vol. 17.

Pay, Aase Serine Devold; Hetlebakke, Aslaug; Glomsrød, Maren Pernille; Bøhn, Kristin; Blix, Ellen (2022). Use of external cephalic version for breech presentation at term: A national survey of Norwegian birth units. Sexual & Reproductive HealthCare . Vol. 33.

Eri, Tine Schauer; Blix, Ellen; Downe, Soo; Vedeler, Carina; Nilsen, Anne Britt Vika (2022). Giving birth and becoming a parent during the COVID-19 pandemic: A qualitative analysis of 806 women's responses to three open-ended questions in an online survey. 7 p. Midwifery . Vol. 109.

Blix, Ellen; Eskild, Anne; Skau, Irene; Grytten, Jostein Ivar (2022). The impact of the introduction of intrapartum fetal ECG ST segment analysis. A population study. Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica . Vol. 101.

Engelhart, Christina Hernandez; Nilsen, Anne Britt Vika; Pay, Aase Serine Devold; Maude, Robyn; Kaasen, Anne; Blix, Ellen (2022). Practice, skills and experience with the Pinard stethoscope for intrapartum Foetal monitoring: Focus group interviews with Norwegian midwives. 8 p. Midwifery . Vol. 108.

Jepsen, Ingrid; Blix, Ellen; Cooke, Helen; Adrian, Stine Willum; Maude, Robyn (2022). The overuse of intrapartum cardiotocography (CTG) for low-risk women: An actor-network theory analysis of data from focus groups. Women and Birth .

Berg, Karoline; Haave, Eirin; Blix, Ellen; Pay, Aase Serine Devold (2021). Mobilapp som hjelpemiddel ved fosterovervåkning – en pilotstudie. 19 p. Sykepleien Forskning .

Rozsa, Daniella Judit; Dalbye, Rebecka; Bernitz, Stine; Blix, Ellen; Dalen, Ingvild; Braut, Geir Sverre; Eggebø, Torbjørn Moe; Øian, Pål; Sande, Ragnar (2021). The effect of Zhang’s guideline versus the WHO partograph on childbirth experience measured by the Childbirth Experience Questionnaire in the Labor Progression Study (LaPS): A cluster randomized trial. Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica .

Abu Ward, Itimad; Jouda, Amani; Balousha, Suha; Egenberg, Signe; Al Masri, Naila; Blix, Ellen (2021). Enhancing the quality of maternal and neonatal care by the Safe Childbirth Project in Al Shifa Hospital, Gaza occupied Palestinian territory (oPt): a descriptive retrospective study. The Lancet . Vol. 398.

Vedeler, Carina; Nilsen, Anne Britt Vika; Blix, Ellen; Downe, Soo; Eri, Tine Schauer (2021). What women emphasise as important aspects of care in childbirth – an online survey. BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology .

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