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Rebecka Dalbye

Rebecka Dalbye


Rebecka Dalbye is an Associate Professor at the Masters Program in Midwifery, Faculty of Health Sciences at OsloMet, and a researcher at the Womens Clinic, Østfold Hospital. Dalbye conducted a national multicenter cluster-randomized trial involving over 7000 women for her doctoral project, publishing the main results in The Lancet in 2019. The research project focused on labor progression and optimizing care to reduce cesarean section and unnecessary interventions during childbirth. From 2023, she is the principal investigator (PI) for the Norwegian WHO Labour Care Guide trial: a stepwedge multicenter cluster-randomized study to evaluate WHOs Labour Care Guide at ten hospitals in Norway.

Her research interest focus on labour progression. Furthermore, the practice of routine over-medicalization of normal pregnancy and childbirth, which includes the unnecessary or incorrect use of non-evidence-based interventions, is of particular interest.

At OsloMet, Dalbye is the program coordinator for the Masters Program in Midwifery, where she also mentors students. Rebecka Dalbye is an Editorial Board Member at BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth.

She holds a PhD from OsloMet (2019), and a Master degree in Reproductive and Perinatal Health from the University of Gothenburg (2010). 

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Health sciences

Subject areas

Midwifery   Randomized controlled studies   Intrapartum caesarean section   De-medicalization of childbirth   Perineal tears trauma   Women's childbirth experience

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Scientific publications

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