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Kamilla Freyr

Kamilla Freyr


As a philosophical aesthetician I primarily focus my research on philosophy as reflective practice in relation to contemporary art and art dissemination. In my PhD project I appropriate the thinking of Michel Foucault and Jacques Rancière. In my research I am interested in contemporary art, museums, art in public spaces, monuments/memorials, art dissemination and philosophical conversations/philosophy with children. I link my research to concepts like power, counter-power, discourse and dissens(us). I am also involved in research as an historian of ideas, as well as in different art and dissemination projects with the art scene.

At the Department of Art, Design and DramaI I teach philosophical aesthetics, art theory and art dissemination. I also coordinate the second and third year of the program Art and dissemination.

Educational background: PhD student in Philosophical aesthetics (University of Uppsala), Major in History of ideas, Master´s degree in art history, intermediate study in Social Anthropology and Gender and Culture-studies (University of Oslo), Art education (University of Stockholm), Oral storytelling and Pedagogy (Oslo University College)

Fields of study

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Subject areas

Fine arts education   History of ideas   Art History   Philosophical aesthetics



Scientific publications

Freyr, Kamilla (2016). Art and Illness. The Question of Depression and Melancholy in the Art of Liza May Post. 12 p. Horti Hesperidum.

Freyr, Kamilla ; Arketeg, Åsa (2014). Textual presentation and real time art. Výtvarná výchova.

Freyr, Kamilla (2013). Simone de Beauvoir. Kjønn og situert frihet. Andersen, Ander Johan W.; Larsen, Inger Beate; Thorød, Anne Brita (Ed.). Engasjement i praksis. Broer mellom filosofi og praksis i helse- og sosialfeltet. p. 40-50. Cappelen Damm Akademisk.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete