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Magne Jørgensen

Magne Jørgensen

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Informatics   Computer science   Estimation   Quality assurance   Software process improvement   System development

Scientific publications

Berg, Helene; Holgeid, Knut; Jørgensen, Magne; Volden, Gro Holst (2023). Successful IT projects – A multiple case study of benefits management practices. Procedia Computer Science . Vol. 219.

Dingsøyr, Torgeir; Jørgensen, Magne; Carlsen, Frode Odde; Carström, Lena; Engelsrud, Jens; Hansvold, Kine; Heibø-Bagheri, Mari; Røe, Kjetil; Sørensen, Karl Ove Vika (2022). Enabling autonomous teams and continuous deployment at scale. IT Professional Magazine . Vol. 24.

Holgeid, Knut Kjetil; Jørgensen, Magne; Volden, Gro Holst; Berg, Helene (2022). Realising benefits in public IT projects: A multiple case study. 18 p. IET Software . Vol. 7.

Jørgensen, Magne; Halkjelsvik, Torleif; Liestøl, Knut (2022). When should we (not) use the mean magnitude of relative error (MMRE) as an error measure in software development effort estimation?. 4 p. Information and Software Technology . Vol. 143.

Jørgensen, Magne; Escott, Eban (2022). Relative estimates of software development effort: Are they more accurate or less time-consuming to produce than absolute estimates, and to what extent are they person-independent?. Information and Software Technology . Vol. 143.

Berg, Helene; Holgeid, Knut Kjetil; Jørgensen, Magne; Volden, Gro Holst (2021). Hvordan lykkes med digitalisering? En undersøkelse av nyttestyring i IT-prosjekter i offentlig sektor. ISBN: 978-82-8433-005-1. 141 p.

Holgeid, Knut Kjetil; Jørgensen, Magne; Sjøberg, Dag; Krogstie, John (2021). Benefits management in software development: A systematic review of empirical studies. IET Software . Vol. 15.

Jørgensen, Magne; Bergersen, Gunnar R.; Liestøl, Knut (2021). Relations between Effort Estimates, Skill Indicators, and Measured Programming Skill. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering . Vol. 47.

Halkjelsvik, Torleif; Jørgensen, Magne (2021). When 2 + 2 should be 5: The summation fallacy in time prediction. 13 p. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making .

Jørgensen, Magne; Welde, Morten; Halkjelsvik, Torleif (2021). Evaluation of Probabilistic Project Cost Estimates. 16 p. IEEE transactions on engineering management .

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