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Melissa Piatkowski

Melissa Piatkowski


My professional background is in both architecture and social science. My PhD research is centered on how architects implement an evidence-based approach to the design process. I have a bachelor’s degree in environmental design with an emphasis in architecture from The University of Colorado in Boulder, and a master’s in environmental psychology from Cornell University. Over the past decade I have worked as a design researcher in the United States, trying to help bridge the gap between research and practice in healthcare design. I have experience using applied qualitative and quantitative research methods including observation, focus groups, interviews, and survey design.

Research projects

Scientific publications

Piatkowski, Melissa Lorraine ; Taylor, Ellen; Wong, Bob; Taylor, Dorothy; Foreman, K. Bo; Merryweather, Andrew (2021). Designing a Patient Room as a Fall Protection Strategy: The Perspectives of Healthcare Design Experts. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IJERPH). Vol. 18.

Piatkowski, Daniel ; Piatkowski, Melissa Lorraine ; McCully, Justin (2020). Toward a Rural Vision Zero: A qualitative exploration of bicyclist and pedestrian traffic fatalities in small towns and rural areas in Nebraska. Great Plains Quarterly.

Taylor, Ellen; Card, Alan; Piatkowski, Melissa Lorraine (2018). Single-Occupancy Patient Rooms: A Systematic Review of the Literature Since 2006. Health Environments Research & Design Journal. Vol. 11.

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