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Per Holth

Per Holth

Scientific publications

Nergaard, Siv Kristin; Holth, Per (2020). A Critical Review of the Support for Variability as an Operant Dimension. Perspectives on Behavior Science .

Johnson, Cammarie; Iversen, Iver H.; Kenyon, Paula; Holth, Per; de Souza, Deisy das Graças (2020). Murray Sidman: A Life of Giving. 9 p. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis .

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Furrebøe, Elise Frølich; Holth, Per; Sandaker, Ingunn (2019). An exploratory study of a real-time choice procedure. European Journal of Behavior Analysis (EJOBA) . Vol. 20.

Vandbakk, Monica; Olaff, Heidi Skorge; Holth, Per (2019). Conditioned Reinforcement: the Effectiveness of Stimulus—Stimulus Pairing and Operant Discrimination Procedures. The Psychological Record . Vol. 69.

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Olaff, Heidi Skorge; Ona, Hanne Nordvik; Holth, Per (2017). Establishment of Naming in Children With Autism Through Multiple Response-Exemplar Training. Behavioral Development Bulletin . Vol. 22.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete