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Ragnhild Hutchison

Ragnhild Hutchison

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Economic history

Scientific publications

Hutchison, Ragnhild (2018). EXPLORING AN EARLY CROSS-BORDER TRADE SYSTEM Norwegian copper in the 18th century. Scandinavian Journal of History .

Hutchison, Ragnhild (2014). Christianias fremvekst og Bergens relative stagnering - i lys av hendelsene i 1814. Maliks, Jakob Mattias; Bull, Ida (Ed.). Riket og regionene. Grunnlovens regionale forutsetninger og konsekvenser. Artikkel. Akademika forlag.

Hutchison, Ragnhild (2012). The Norwegian and Baltic Timber Trade to Britain 1780-1835 and its Interconnections. Scandinavian Journal of History . Vol. 37.

Hutchison, Ragnhild (2012). In the doorway to development : an inquiry into market oriented structural changes in Norway ca. 1750-1830. ISBN: 9789004214446. 244 p. Brill Academic Publishers.

Hutchison, Ragnhild (2011). Bites, Nibbles, Sips and Puffs: new exotic goods in Norway in the 18th and the first half of the 19th century. Scandinavian Journal of History . Vol. 36.

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