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Ratna Anand

Ratna Anand

Scientific publications

Hussain, Ratna; Carstensen, Tove; Yazdani, Farzaneh; Ellingham, Brian; Bonsaksen, Tore (2018). Short-term changes in occupational therapy students’ self-efficacy for therapeutic use of self. British Journal of Occupational Therapy . Vol. 81.

Bonsaksen, Tore; Kvarsnes, Hildegunn; Eirum, Mari Nesset; Torgrimsen, Silje; Hussain, Ratna (2016). Development and content validity of the Norwegian Self-Assessment of Modes Questionnaire (N-SAMQ). Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy . Vol. 23.

Bonsaksen, Tore; Lund, Anne; Ellingham, Brian; Hussain, Ratna; Meier, Margrit R; Sveen, Unni (2015). Norsk oversettelse og tilpasning av Occupational Questionnaire: Kartlegging av Dine Aktiviteter (KDA). Ergoterapeuten . Vol. 58.

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