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Rebecca Schmidt

Rebecca Schmidt


Rebecca Schmidt obtained a PhD from the European University Institute an LLM in International and Legal Studies from New York University, and a law degree (1st state exam) from Heidelberg University. Before starting her current position, she was a postdoctoral researcher at the Norwegian Research Center for Computers and Law (at UiO) and an assistant professor in law at the School of Law and Government at Dublin City University. She has also held research positions in Ireland, Canada, the United States, and Israel.

In her research Rebecca examines a key feature of globalization, the rise of regulation beyond the state. She focuses on the emergence of transnational regulatory cooperation between public and private actors, and in particular the interaction between expertise-driven private regulation and more traditional political authority in multi-level transnational regulatory networks. Her monograph 'Regulatory Integration across Borders' is published by Cambridge University Press. More recently, Rebecca has started focusing on the regulation of new technologies, such as AI systems. Here she examines the interplay between public (particularly EU-level) regulation of robots and AI systems with privately developed regulatory regimes (as found in international technical standards, industry codes, as well as best practices).

Scientific publications

Tomic, Slobodan; Schmidt, Rebecca (2023). The Accountability Response of the Global Anti-doping Regime to the Russian Doping Scandal (2015-2020). Delimatsis, Panagiotis; Bijlmakers, Stephanie; Borowicz, M. Konrad (Ed.). The Evolution of Transnational Rule-Makers through Crisis. p. 220-241. Cambridge University Press.

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