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Losleben, Lisa Katrin; Maric, Filip; Gjærum, Rikke Gürgens (2023). Learning for sustainable transformation. ISBN: 9781003363590. 294 p. Routledge.

Gjærum, Rikke Gürgens; Mittner, Lilli (2022). Research Innovation: Advancing Arts-based Research Methods to Make Sense of Micro-moments Framed by Dementia. Nordic Journal of Art and Research (A & R) . Vol. 11.

Gjærum, Rikke Gürgens; Vik, Malin Kathrine (2022). Kunstfagenes bærekraftige potensial. Hanssen, Natallia Bahdanovich; Hassel, Ragnhild Merete; Haugen, Torgeir; Sæther, Morten (Ed.). Kunstens muligheter i spesialpedagogisk arbeid. 2. p. 25-53. Universitetsforlaget.

Mittner, Lilli; Gjærum, Rikke Gürgens; Blix, Hilde Synnøve (2022). Sustainable gender equality: Opening the black-box of quality assessment in higher arts education. Skjerven, Astrid; Fordham, Maureen (Ed.). Gender and the Sustainable Development Goals. 1. p. 83-98. Routledge.

Gjærum, Rikke Gürgens (2022). Manifest for mangfold i kunsten. DRAMA : Nordisk dramapedagogisk tidsskrift .

Gjærum, Rikke Gürgens; Cziboly, Adam; Eriksson, Stig Audun (2022). ILSA in Arts Education: The Effect of Drama on Competences. Springer International Handbooks of Education .

Lyngstad, Mette Bøe; Baraldsnes, Dziuginta; Gjærum, Rikke Gürgens (2021). Process drama in anti-bullying intervention: a study of adolescents’ attitudes and initiatives. Research in Drama Education .

Mittner, Lilli; Gjærum, Rikke Gürgens (2021). Situating an Art Intervention with People Living with Dementia in a public space. Nordic Journal of Arts, Culture and Health . Vol. 1.

Edvardsen, Nanna Kathrine; Gjærum, Rikke Gürgens (2021). The Aesthetic Model of Disability. Janse Van Vuuren, Petro; Rasmussen, Bjørn K.; Khala, Ayanda (Ed.). Theatre and Democracy: Building Democracy in Post-war and Post-democratic Contexts. kapittel 10. p. 193-215. Cappelen Damm Akademisk.

Mittner, Lilli; Dalby, Karoline; Gjærum, Rikke Gürgens (2021). Re-conceptualizing the gap as a potential space of becoming: Exploring aesthetic experiences with people living with dementia. Nordic Journal of Arts, Culture and Health . Vol. 3.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete