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Runa Marie Grimholt

Runa Marie Grimholt

Scientific publications

Fjeld, Bente; Sudmann-Day, Åshild Amelie; Grimholt, Runa Marie ; Larstorp, Anne Cecilie Kjeldsen ; Urdal, Petter; Klingenberg, Olav Inge (2022). Additional value of red blood cell parameters in predicting uncommon α-thalassemia; experience from 10 years of α-globin gene sequencing and copy number variation analysis. International Journal of Laboratory Hematology (IJLH). Vol. 45.

Georgina, Martin; Grimholt, Runa Marie ; Le, Doan; Bechensteen, Anne Grete; Klingenberg, Olav Inge; Fjeld, Bente; Fourie, Thomas; Perrier, Renee; Proven, Melanie; Henderson, Shirley J; Roy, Noémi B A (2021). Hb Calgary (HBB: c.194G>T): A Highly Unstable Hemoglobin Variant with a β-Thalassemia Major Phenotype. Hemoglobin. Vol. 45.

Grimholt, Runa Marie ; Fjeld, Bente; Klingenberg, Olav (2021). Hemoglobinopathy gone astray—three novel forms of α-thalassemia in Norwegian patients characterized by quantitative real-time PCR and DNA sequencing. Scandinavian Journal of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation. Vol. 81.

Grimholt, Runa Marie ; Fjeld, Bente; Selsås, Hilde; Schwettmann, Lutz; Klingenberg, Olav (2019). Hb Aalesund (HBA2: c.400_406delAGCACCG), an Unstable α-Globin Variant Found in a Norwegian Patient Causing Moderate Hemolytic Anemia and Falsely High Hb A1c Using Ion Exchange High Performance Liquid Chromatography. Hemoglobin. Vol. 43.

Grimholt, Runa Marie ; Harteveld, Cornelis; Arkesteijn, Sandra G J; Fjeld, Bente; Klingenberg, Olav (2018). Characterization of Two Deep Intronic Variants on the β-Globin Gene with Inconsistent Interpretations of Clinical Significance. Hemoglobin. Vol. 42.

Grimholt, Runa Marie ; Vestli, Anne; Urdal, Petter; Bechensteen, Anne Grete; Fjeld, Bente; Dalhus, Bjørn; Klingenberg, Olav (2018). Hb Oslo [β42(CD1)Phe→Ile; HBB: c.127T>A]: A novel unstable hemoglobin variant found in a Norwegian patient. Hemoglobin. Vol. 42.

Piehler, Armin; Grimholt, Runa Marie ; Bjerner, Johan; Buchmann, Marie (2015). Interference of common haemoglobin variants with the Tosoh G7 standard mode HbA1c method. Scandinavian Journal of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation. Vol. 75.

Reppe, Sjur; Noer, Agate; Grimholt, Runa Marie ; Halldorsson, Bjarni V; Medina-Gomez, Carolina; Gautvik, Vigdis Teig; Olstad, Ole Kristoffer; Datta, Harish K; Berg, Jens Petter; Estrada, Karol; Hofman, Albert; Uitterlinden, André G.; Rivadeneira, Fernando; Lyle, Robert; Collas, Philippe; Gautvik, Kaare M (2015). Methylation of bone SOST, its mRNA, and serum sclerostin levels correlate strongly with fracture risk in postmenopausal women. Journal of Bone and Mineral Research. Vol. 30.

Kristiansen, Marianne ; Piehler, Armin; Grimholt, Runa Marie ; Opdal, Mimi Stokke; Foss, Kari Bente; Urdal, Petter (2014). Serum bilirubin concentration in healthy adult North-Europeans is strictly controlled by the UGT1A1 TARepeat variants. PLOS ONE. Vol. 9.

Grimholt, Runa Marie ; Urdal, Petter; Klingenberg, Olav; Piehler, Armin (2014). Rapid and reliable detection of alpha-globin copy number variations by quantitative real-time PCR. BMC Hematology.

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