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Sigmund Eldevik

Sigmund Eldevik

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Behaviour analysis

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Disanti, Brittany; Eikeseth, Svein ; Eldevik, Sigmund (2023). Comparing a Modified Structured Mix with a Modified Random Rotation Procedure to Teach Auditory-Visual Conditional Discriminations to Children with Autism. 15 p. International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education. Vol. 15.

Ridout, Samantha Rene; Eldevik, Sigmund (2023). Measures Used to Assess Treatment Outcomes in Children with Autism Receiving Early and Intensive Behavioral Interventions: A Review. 12 p. Review Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.

Lubomirska, Anna Malgorzata; Eldevik, Sigmund ; Eikeseth, Svein ; Riis, Stephan; Budzińska, Anna (2022). The development and validation of The Social Referencing Observation Scale as a screening instrument for autism spectrum disorder. Behavioral interventions. Vol. 37.

Almås, Inger Karin ; Smith, Dean, P.; Eldevik, Sigmund ; Eikeseth, Svein (2022). Emergent Intraverbal and Reverse Intraverbal Behavior Following Listener Training in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The Analysis of Verbal Behavior.

Lubomirska, Anna Malgorzata; Eldevik, Sigmund ; Eikeseth, Svein ; Budzińska, Anna (2022). Teaching the First Component of Social Referencing to Preschoolers with Autism; Reacting to New and Missing Objects in the Environment. 9 p. International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education. Vol. 15.

Hay-Hansson, Aina Wiola ; Eldevik, Sigmund ; Strømgren, Børge (2022). Videoconference to supervise early intensive behavioral intervention: A preliminary evaluation of acceptability. Behavioral interventions.

Rodgers, Mark; Simmonds, Mark P.; Marshall, David; Hodgson, Robert; Stewart, Lesley A; Rai, Dheeraj; Wright, Kath; Ben-Itzchak, Esther; Eikeseth, Svein ; Eldevik, Sigmund ; Kovshoff, Hanna; Magiati, Iliana; Osborne, Lisa A; Reed, Phil; Vivanti, Giacomo; Zachor, Ditza; Couteur, Ann Le (2021). Intensive behavioural interventions based on applied behaviour analysis for young children with autism: An international collaborative individual participant data meta-analysis. Autism. Vol. 25.

Strand, Rebekka C. W.; Vister, Oda M.; Eldevik, Sigmund ; Eikeseth, Svein (2021). Nature, Prevalence, and Characteristics of Challenging Behaviors in Functional Assessment. Matson, Johnny L. (Ed.). Functional Assessment of Challenging Behaviors and Mental Health Disorders. Springer Netherlands.

Lubomirska, Anna; Eldevik, Sigmund ; Eikeseth, Svein ; Strømgren, Børge ; Budzińska, Anna (2021). The Social Referencing Observation Scale (SoROS) for children: Scale development and reliability. 16 p. Behavioral interventions. Vol. 36.

Wójcik, Marta; Eikeseth, Svein ; Eldevik, Sigmund ; Budzińska, Anna (2020). Teaching children with autism to request items using audio scripts, interrupted chain procedure and sufficient exemplar training. Behavioral interventions.

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