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Siri Brorstad Borlaug

Siri Brorstad Borlaug

Scientific publications

Borlaug, Siri Brorstad ; Karaulova, Maria; Sivertsen, Gunnar; Svartefoss, Silje Marie; Meijer, Ingeborg; Hessels, Laurens K.; van Leeuwen, Thed N. (2024). Researchers engaging with society: who does what?. Science and Public Policy.

Elken, Mari; Borlaug, Siri Brorstad (2023). Implementation of ambiguous governance instruments in higher education. Higher Education.

Aksnes, Dag W.; Borlaug, Siri Brorstad ; Eide, Thea; Stensaker, Bjørn (2023). Exploring the relationship between departmental characteristics and research performance. Perspectives.

Franssen, Thomas; Borlaug, Siri Brorstad ; Hylmö, Anders (2023). Steering the Direction of Research through Organizational Identity Formation. Minerva. Vol. 61.

Borlaug, Siri Brorstad ; Tellmann, Silje Maria ; Vabø, Agnete (2022). Nested identities and identification in higher education institutions—the role of organizational and academic identities. Higher Education.

Reymert, Ingvild ; Vabø, Agnete ; Borlaug, Siri Brorstad ; Jungblut, Jens Patrick Wilhelm (2022). Barriers to attracting the best researchers: perceptions of academics in economics and physics in three European countries. 20 p. Higher Education.

Reymert, Ingvild S ; Jungblut, Jens Patrick Wilhelm; Borlaug, Siri Brorstad (2020). Are evaluative cultures national or global? A cross-national study on evaluative cultures in academic recruitment processes in Europe. Higher Education.

Borlaug, Siri Brorstad ; Langfeldt, Liv (2019). One model fits all? How centres of excellence affect research organisation and practices in the humanities. 12 p. Studies in Higher Education.

Borlaug, Siri Brorstad ; Aanstad, Siri (2018). The Knowledge Triangle in the Healthcare Sector — The Case of Three Medical Faculties in Norway. Foresight and STI Governance. Vol. 12.

Borlaug, Siri Brorstad ; Gulbrandsen, Magnus (2018). Researcher identities and practices inside centres of excellence. Triple Helix: A Journal of University-Industry-Government Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Vol. 5.

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