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Siw Fosstenløkken

Siw Fosstenløkken


Siw Fosstenløkken is professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at OsloMet and an adjunct professor at HVL in Bergen. She is a researcher and a pedagogue working on innovation and digital transformation, entrepreneurship and agile methods. She also works in the areas of strategi and organization, learning and competence development.

Siw emphasizes learning in authentic environments by bringing knowledge directly into work life through lifelong learning. She teaches at all levels: Bachelor (applied computer technology), Master (innovation and entrepreneuship), PhD (PINS program on Innovation for Sustainability) and Lifelong learning (digital transformation and leadership).

The course Digital transformasjon og ledelse | NITO is now open for application.

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Scientific publications

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These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete