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Siw Fosstenløkken

Siw Fosstenløkken

Scientific publications

FOSSTENLØKKEN, Siw Marita; Kubberød, Elin; Viciunaite, Viktorija (2023). Entrepreneurial networks in localized embedding practices: a case study from the Norwegian micro wool industry. Small Enterprise Research: The Journal of SEAANZ .

FOSSTENLØKKEN, Siw Marita (2022). Public user innovation: exploring the support mechanisms and user roles in a public organisation. 21 p. European Journal of Innovation Management .

Kubberød, Elin; Viciunaite, Viktorija; FOSSTENLØKKEN, Siw Marita (2019). The role of effectual networking in small business marketing. Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development . Vol. 26.

FOSSTENLØKKEN, Siw Marita (2018). The role of plans in the formation of a new innovation practice: An innovation object perspective. 23 p. International Journal of Innovation Management .

Kubberød, Elin; FOSSTENLØKKEN, Siw Marita; Erstad, Per Olav (2018). Peer mentoring in entrepreneurship education: towards a role typology. Education + Training . Vol. 60.

Guile, David; FOSSTENLØKKEN, Siw Marita (2018). Introduction to the special issue: knowledge dynamics, innovation and learning. Industry and Innovation . Vol. 25.

FOSSTENLØKKEN, Siw Marita (2016). Systemic instruments for regional intervention in practice: The facilitation of an inventor-investor matchmaking process. International Journal of Innovation and Regional Development . Vol. 7.

FOSSTENLØKKEN, Siw Marita (2015). Developing End-user Innovation from Circuits of Learning. Learning Organization . Vol. 22.

Grønning, Terje; FOSSTENLØKKEN, Siw Marita (2015). The learning concept within innovation systems theorizing: A narrative review of selected publications on national and regional innovation systems. Journal of the Knowledge Economy . Vol. 6.

Hildrum, Jarle Moss; FOSSTENLØKKEN, Siw Marita (2009). The action researcher as change agent: On dialogue facilitation and network collaboration. Brøgger, Benedicte; Eikeland, Olav (Ed.). Turning to practice with action research. Kapittel 4. p. 121-138. Peter Lang Publishing Group.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete