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Girl wearing technology glasses and looking at technology model, in a bright room.

Intelligent Health focus areas

Through collaborating across disciplines and sectors, we will ensure that research and innovation within health and technology remains user- and problem-oriented.

Intelligent health has these focus areas:

  • Artificial intelligence in healthcare

    At OsloMet we work on developing algorithms and models using machine learning tailored towards applications in medical research that will help to solve the challenges in the healthcare sector.

  • Assistive technology

    Assistive technology, or in the Nordic context often called welfare technology, refers to tools and services that aim to improve quality of life and wellbeing.

  • Biotechnology

    Researchers at OsloMet work to develop methods and critically assess the usefulness of biomarkers in diagnostics and treatment, personalized medicine and large-scale analyses.

  • Omics technology

    OsloMet researchers and research groups apply different omics-technologies to study the molecules of life, how their variation affects their functions, how they are generated and decay.

  • Sensor technology in healthcare

    Sensors are devices that react and respond to various stimuli, such as biochemical, electrical, or mechanical signals. OsloMet uses and develops sensors to gather health related data.

About Intelligent Health

  • Intelligent Health

    This initiative will contribute to develop knowledge and technological solutions that foster improved health and counteract diseases.