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Researchers at OsloMet work to develop methods and critically assess the usefulness of biomarkers in diagnostics and treatment, personalized medicine and large-scale analyses.

Biotechnology uses living organisms or their parts to develop products or processes with practical applications in various industries, including healthcare. It combines biology, genetics, and other life sciences with engineering and technology to manipulate biological systems for the benefit of humanity.

The use and alteration of biological organisms often lead to ethical discussions, making bioethics an integral part of the use of biotechnology in society and research.

Examples of biotechnologies include genetic engineering, gene therapy, and biopharmaceutical production.

Biotechnology at OsloMet

Researchers at OsloMet use and investigate a variety of biological processes and species to develop new drugs, disease detection tests, and understanding reproductive health.

By utilizing cellular and molecular processes researchers at OsloMet aim to develop or improve:

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Featured research

Image of a fishery, with blue skies above, and a fish jumping up from the foreground water.
The tiny secret to healthier fish

OsloMet professor believes that the key to developing healthy and sustainable salmon aquaculture is in understanding their micro-RNA.