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Large grant for research on autonomous searches

In tough competition, OsloMet researchers have received NOK 11.84 million for research into machine learning inspired by the eyes' search for visual information.

The project has been given the title "Virtual-Eye – Learning from human eye scanpaths for optimal autonomous search".

At the forefront are professor Anis Yazidi, professor Pedro Lind and associate professor Sergiy Denysov from the Department of Computer Science at the Faculty of Technology, Art and Design.

The project is an initiative from OsloMet AI Lab and the research center NordSTAR.

The money comes from the The Research Council of Norway, and the FRIPRO funds, which finance basic, outstanding and ground-breaking research, where the project ideas come from the researchers themselves.

The competition for the funds is fierce. Of 1,539 applications, only 82 were approved.

"The researchers who have their applications approved are in the absolute top tier and have every reason to be proud," said Chief Executive of the Research Council, Mari Sundli Tveit, at the assignment.

"We are very happy about the allocation of FRIPRO funds to this project, both because it is an important project from an academic point of view, but also because it is recognition of the quality of our research," says Dean Carl Christian Thodesen at the Faculty of Technology, art and design (TKD).

The image at the top of the article is an illustration image from Pixabay.

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