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Sustainability at OsloMet

The entrance of OsloMet's Kjeller Campus, with illustrations on the walls and windows mirroring the sky.

The world faces large and complex challenges that we need to solve through collaboration and partnerships. In 2015 the UN launched the 17 Sustainable Development Goals ( At OsloMet we are committed to do our share.

With our vocational education programs, practice-close research, innovation development and life-long learning courses, OsloMet is uniquely positioned to contribute to a more sustainable society regionally, nationally and globally.

All that we do, including campus operations, dissemination and communication in addition to student participation, shall support the work for a more sustainable development. In the near future, OsloMet will engage staff and student representatives in activities that will increase the visibility and development of our contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Below you will find examples of how OsloMet works with sustainability issues in research, education and campus operations.


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