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Adolescent Physical Violence. Understanding Societal Trends and Life Outcomes for Perpetrators

This project covers the use of violence among Norwegian adolescents and is financed through the Domestic Violence Research Program at NOVA.

The key objective of the project is to provide new insights in two important questions on adolescent violence. First; repeated cross-sectional surveys are used for increasing our knowledge on time trends the last two decades in the societal level of violent behavior among adolescents, with a special emphasis on how to understand trend changes.

Second; a longitudinal study including both self-reports and data from official registers is used for investigating associations between adolescent violence and long-term adult outcomes in the realms of education, employment, and crime, particularly scrutinizing mechanisms behind observed associations.

Knowledge on why trends in adolescent violence change and of mechanisms associating the perpetration of violence to adult outcomes can be used for designing violence prevention programs and thereby help to reduce both the societal and the individual costs of adolescent violence. 

The results from the project will be published in scientific articles and as a doctoral dissertation in psychology at the University of Oslo.

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