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Lars Roar Frøyland

Lars Roar Frøyland


Lars Roar Frøyland is a Senior Researcher at Norwegian Social Research (NOVA), OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University (Section for Youth Research). He is also associated to The Domestic Violence Research Program, a ten-year research initiative funded by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security and the Ministry of Education and Research. Frøyland holds a PhD in psychology from the University of Oslo (2020) with a dissertation on adolescent perpetrators of violence and a MA in sociology from the University of Oslo (2009).

His primary research interests are violence and abuse, both in the family and among peers, and crime and other forms of problem behavior among adolescents. He has been the Principal Investigator in projects on societal trends in violence and abuse, long-term outcomes of violent victimization, technology-assisted sexual abuse, and the public sentiments on justice and punishment. His most recent publications cover areas such as violence and sexual health, technology-assisted sexual abuse, sexual assaults while under the influence of alcohol among adolescents, and societal trends in adolescent problem behavior.

Frøyland has extensive experience with collection and analysis of quantitative data, and has been involved in the work with large scale surveys like YouthViolence 2023, Ungdata, Young in Norway, and the International Civic and Citizenship Education Study (ICCS).

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Criminology   Psychology   Sociology

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Violence   Quanitative research methods   Sexuality   Social inequalities   Youth   Youth surveys

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Scientific publications

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