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Ellen Schwencke Oftedal

Ellen Schwencke Oftedal


Ellen Oftedal Schwencke works as a research assistant at the Section for Youth Research at NOVA. She holds a master's degree in sociology from the University of Oslo (2021). The master's thesis explored cannabis use among adolescents from the west end of Oslo, and the thesis was a part of UiO's research center PROMENTA. Schwencke's research interests include youth culture, drug use, marginalization, gender, social class and sexuality. She is currently working on the UngVold survey, as a part of NOVA's research program on violence and abuse in adolescence. In additon, she's working on a qualitative research project on sexuality and sexual culture in adolescence. Schwencke is also the editor of

Research projects

  • Sexual Culture in Youth

    The project will investigate how young people negotiate, experience and handle issues related to sexuality, sexual health and risk - in light of both contemporary youth culture, and other social and societal conditions.

  • UngVold 2023 – Trends in Exposure to Violence

    In 2023, NOVA will collect new data for the survey UngVold, which maps Norwegian children and adolescents’ experience of violence and abuse during their upbringing.

  • Young in Oslo 2023

    Young in Oslo is the City of Oslo’s Ungdata survey – a unique study that has been conducted since the mid-1990s. The 2023 survey will provide answers to what it’s like for children and young people to grow up in Oslo – after living with a pandemic for almost two years.

Publications and research


Schwencke, Ellen Oftedal (2023). Flinke vestkantpiker kjøper ikke cannabis.

Oftedal Schwencke, Ellen (2022). Vestkantungdom bruker mer cannabis enn andre ungdommer. Bør det bekymre oss?. Aftenposten.

Oftedal Schwencke, Ellen (2021). "Vi definerer oss jo ikke som stonere" - En kvalitativ studie av ungdom på Oslo vest som bruker cannabis. 102 p. Universitetet i Oslo.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete