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Willy Pedersen

Willy Pedersen

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Gender   Adolescence   Quality of Life   Qualitative methods   Cultural Analysis   Popular Culture   Addiction   Alcohol





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Scientific publications

Haave, Per; Pedersen, Willy (2020). The Promise and Demise of LSD Psychotherapy in Norway. Social history of medicine .

Pedersen, Willy; Bakken, Anders; von Soest, Tilmann (2019). Mer bruk av cannabis blant Oslo-ungdom: Hvem er i risikosonen?. Norsk sosiologisk tidsskrift . Vol. 3.

Vaynman, Margareth; Sandberg, Sveinung; Pedersen, Willy (2019). 'Locker room talk': Male bonding and sexual degradation in drinking stories. Culture, Health and Sexuality .

Gashi, Liridona; Pedersen, Willy; Ugelvik, Thomas (2019). The pains of detainment: Experience of time and coping strategies at immigration detention centres. Theoretical criminology.

Rogne, Adrian Farner; Pedersen, Willy; Bakken, Anders (2019). Immigration and the decline in adolescent binge drinking. Drug and Alcohol Dependence . Vol. 203.

Sandberg, Sveinung; Copes, Heith; Pedersen, Willy (2019). When peaceful people fight: Beyond neutralization and subcultural theory. British Journal of Criminology . Vol. 59.

Pedersen, Willy (2019). Fatal attraction: A narrative of early opioid addiction. Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs . Vol. 36.

Pedersen, Willy; Eriksen, Ingunn Marie (2019). Hva de snakker om når de snakker om stress. Norsk sosiologisk tidsskrift . Vol. 3.

Tokle, Rikke Iren; Pedersen, Willy (2019). “Cloud chasers” and “substitutes”: E-cigarettes, vaping subcultures and vaper identities. Sociology of Health and Illness . Vol. 41.

Sandberg, Sveinung; Tutenges, Sébastien; Pedersen, Willy (2019). Drinking stories as a narrative genre: The five classic themes. Acta Sociologica .

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