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Rikke Tokle

Rikke Tokle


Rikke Tokle (PhD in Sociology) works as a researcher at the the Section for Youth Research at NOVA. Tokle's current research focuses on youths' sexualiy, sexual health, sexual risk, intoxication practises and drug use. Tokle is the project leader of the qualitative NOVA research project Sexual Culture in Youth. Her research interests include youth culture, subculture, gender, sexuality, marginalization and the social meaning of alcohol, tobacco and drug use in adolescense. Tokle's previous research includes qualitative and quantitative longitudinal studies of youth and alcohol use, the changing tobacco and cannabis landscape, as well as exploratory studies of the evolving vaping (sub)culture.

Fields of study

Academic disciplines


Subject areas

Sociology of culture   Substance use   Youth Research   Gender and sexuality   Sexual violence



Research groups

Research projects

  • Sexuality and Sexual Culture in Youth

    The project will investigate how young people negotiate, experience and handle issues related to sexuality, sexual health and risk - in light of both contemporary youth culture, and other social and societal conditions.

Scientific publications

Raitasalo, Kirsimarja; Bye, Elin Kristin; Pisinger, Charlotta; Scheffels, Janne; Tokle, Rikke; Kinnunen, Jaana M.; Ollila, Hanna M.; Rimpelä, Arja (2022). Single, Dual, and Triple Use of Cigarettes, e-Cigarettes, and Snus among Adolescents in the Nordic Countries. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IJERPH) . Vol. 16.

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Scheffels, Janne; Buvik, Kristin; Tokle, Rikke Iren; Rossow, Ingeborg (2020). Normalisation of non-drinking? 15–16-year-olds' accounts of refraining from alcohol. Drug and Alcohol Review . Vol. 39.

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Brunborg, Geir Scott; Scheffels, Janne; Tokle, Rikke Iren; Buvik, Kristin; Kvaavik, Elisabeth; Burdzovic, Jasmina (2019). Monitoring young lifestyles (MyLife) - a prospective longitudinal quantitative and qualitative study of youth development and substance use in Norway. BMJ Open . Vol. 9.

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