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Changing Drug Use and Drug Policy

The project aims to provide new insights into young people's patterns of alcohol and illegal drug use, the social meaning of drugs, and the consequences of drug-related sanctions.

In a time where both patterns of alcohol and illegal drug use are changing, and drug policy is constantly being debated, it is crucial to have a research environment that is closely involved. 

The project aims to strengthen the institute's research activities and expertise related to youth and drug use. Important research questions are: What characterizes young people who use illegal drugs? 

What significance does neighborhood and school characteristics have for this use? What social meaning do illegal drugs have in today's youth culture? What role does the "russetid" (Norwegian graduation celebration) play in the use of alcohol and illegal drugs? 

What are the long term consequences of having received drug-related legal sanctions in adolescence and young adulthood? 

These are issues that will be investigated using existing quantitative (Ungdata and Young in Norway Longitudinal) and qualitative (UngSex) data. The results will be published in peer-reviewed journals and key findings will also be communicated through popular science channels.

The knowledge the project generates will be relevant to everyone working with health promotion, prevention and policy, and interesting to the general population.

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