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Gerd Marie Solstad

Gerd Marie Solstad


Gerd Marie Solstad is a researcher at the department of youth at Norwegian Social Research – NOVA. Her research is rooted in sociological perspectives, and oriented towards topics that include social change, violence and abuse, socioeconomic inequality, and inclusion/exclusion in organized sport. Solstad holds a PhD in sport science (2019) from the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Department of Cultural and Social Studies.

Research projects

Scientific publications

Solstad, Gerd Marie (2019). Reporting abuse in sport: a question of power?. European Journal for Sport and Society (EJSS) . Vol. 16.

Solstad, Gerd Marie; Strandbu, Åse (2019). Culturally ‘safe sport’: on political mobilisation against abuse in Zambian sport. 13 p. International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics .

Stefansen, Kari; Solstad, Gerd Marie; Strandbu, Åse; Hansen, Maria Louise (2019). Young Athletes’ Perceptions of Coach-Athlete Sexual Relationships: Engaging with Competing Ethics. 8 p. Sociology of Sport Journal .

Solstad, Gerd Marie; Rhind, Daniel (2018). Sport, safeguarding and transactional sex: a case study of social networks in Zambian sport. Sport in Society Cultures, Commerce, Media, Politics . Vol. 21.

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Solstad, Gerd Marie; Strandbu, Åse (2017). Faster, higher, stronger… safer? : Safety concerns for young athletes in Zambia. International Review for the Sociology of Sport . Vol. 54.

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Solstad, Gerd Marie; Fimland, Marius Steiro; Helgerud, Jan; Iversen, Vegard Moe; Hoff, Jan (2011). Test-Retest Reliability of V-Wave Responses in the Soleus and Gastrocnemius Medialis. Journal of clinical neurophysiology . Vol. 28.

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