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Sports Research at the Ungdata Centre

The project aims to update and widen our knowledge about participation in sports and physical activity and experiences with sports among children and young people in Norway.

The researchers will study:

  1. participation in children's sports and the controversies surrounding how children's sports are organized
  2. the pandemic's consequences for young people's sports participation
  3. processes in adolescence contributing to young people decision to whether continue or quit youth sports
  4. the extent of sexual harassment and other negative events in youth sports

The project will use questionnaire data from Ungdata ( and Ungdata junior, as well as qualitative, longitudinal interview data from the survey Inequality in Youth.

The results will be relevant for policy making in the field of sports aimed at children and young people. The study is carried out with support from the Norwegian Ministry of Culture of Equality and is a collaboration between researchers at NOVA, OsloMet, and the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences.

The project builds on research in the project Participation in Sports among Norwegian Youth.