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Youth Research

This research group is a department of Norwegian Social Research – NOVA and its main goal is to enhance the development of youth research in Norway.

This group is multi-disciplinary, comprising mostly sociologists, anthropologists and psychologists. Empirical research on adolescents is based on local and regional qualitative and quantitative studies, as well as national representative surveys. Main research topics are youth culture and leisure activities, school adjustment, transitions from school to employment, alcohol and drug use, delinquency and conduct problems, intergenerational relations and issues concerning ethnicity and the multi-cultural society.

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Featured Research

Curt Rice, Halla Bjørk Holmarsdottir, Rune Halvorsen and Per Martin Norheim-Martinsen.

OsloMet Research Projects Awarded Prestigious Horizon 2020 Grants

Two international research projects coordinated by research teams at OsloMet have been awarded a total of six million euros as part of the European Union’s flagship research programme, Horizon 2020.

Parents arguing in the background. Sad boy sitting at table listening.

Five Measures That Can Prevent Violence Against Children

Less severe violence against children and young people is declining, whereas severe forms of violence remain stable. According to OsloMet researchers, there are five measures that can reduce severe violence.