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The Future of Nordic Youth in Rural Regions: A Cross National Qualitative Longitudinal Study in Four Nordic Countries

The research project aims to understand the experiences of rural youth, their sense of belonging and hopes for the future. It will study similarities and differences between the Nordic countries.

The project is based on unique, longitudinal data on 196 young people and young adults born 1998–2005. Their places of birth stretch from Sápmi in the north of the Nordics to the southernmost agricultural regions in Denmark.

In addition to data collected since 2013 in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, the project will also collect new quantitative and qualitative data.

The aim is to identify specific questions that concern rural young people in the Nordic region and to generate knowledge that can be used by decision makers.

The principal investigator is Kaisa Vehtelahti at the university of Jyväskylä, Finland. The project is funded by Future challenges in the Nordics and is a collaboration between The university of Jyväskylä, Umea universitet, Sweden, NOVA - OsloMet in Norway and VIVE, Denmark. 

Read more about the Norwegian study: Inequality in Youth – A Qualitative, Longitudinal Research Database.

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