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National Safety Survey

The project will map concern for crime and victims of crime in Norway.

The National Safety Survey map concern for crime and victims of crime in Norway annually for four consecutive years, starting in 2023. Not all crime is reported, and this survey will provide statistics on the magnitude of unreported crime. Also, the survey will provide insights into the concern for crime among Norwegian citizens.

Knowledge of concern for crime as well as victimization is paramount for developing policies and conducting research. 
National safety survey will be conducted in the spring. A new representative sample of the Norwegian population, consisting of 70 000 individuals aged 16 – 84 years, will be invited to participate each year. 

The National Safety Survey is a collaboration between NOVA (project manager), OsloMet, Ideas2evidence and the Frisch center. The project is funded by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security.

The current project is a continuation of the National Safety Survey 2020.

Variables, publications and other information about the National Safety Survey is available at