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UngVold 2023 – Trends in Exposure to Violence

In 2023, NOVA will collect new data for the survey UngVold, which maps Norwegian children and adolescents’ experience of violence and abuse during their upbringing.

Previous UngVold studies have shown that parents’ use of less severe forms of violence has decreased over time, while the level of severe violence is unchanged. The level of sexual violence in adolescence is stable, despite an increased focus on this issue and prevention measures having been implemented (Mossige & Stefansen, 2016).

In the new survey, we will explore questions such as: Is the reduction in less severe parental violence continuing? Can any changes be observed in severe violence? Is the violence still related to other problems in the family? Is there still a high level of sexual violence among adolescents? Are there any changes in the types of sexual violence young people report? Is the socio-demographic profile of vulnerable groups stable or changing?

The UngVold survey has been conducted twice before, in 2007 and 2015. The UngVold 2023 survey will enable us to study trends in exposure to violence over a period of 16 years among Norwegian children and adolescents. In the past, the sample has comprised pupils from upper secondary level 3, while the new survey will include all three levels.

Together, UngVold and the UEVO study from the Norwegian Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies (NKVTS) map exposure to violence among the 12–19 age group.

Knowledge about how exposure to violence develops over time provides important guidance for future policies targeting this issue.

The UngVold study is a part of The Domestic Violence Research Programme at NOVA, OsloMet (

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