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Assessment for Learning in Citizenship Education (ALiCE)

The project aims to develop a framework for assessment, with a focus on formative assessment, in the context of citizenship education across Europe.

ALiCE is funded by Erasmus+ programme KA220-SCH-Cooperation partnerships in school education. 

In collaboration with experts from eight European countries, ALiCE investigates and reflects upon the diversity of how citizenship education is integrated into local curricula, which learning goals are put forward, and how assessment practices are and can be used to facilitate learning in citizenship education.

The optimal goal of ALiCE collaboration is to collect and connect existing practical knowledge of assessment practices on a learning platform for strengthening teachers’ capacity across Europe. 

  • Participants at OsloMet

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  • Results and methods

    ALiCE will produce four interconnected project results: 

    Result 1

    A framework that takes a comparative perspective on (assessment in) citizenship education across member states in Europe (IO1).

    Methods: document analysis & focus group discussions with teachers in eight countries (Duration: Jan 2022 – Jul 2022).

    Result 2

    An inventory of innovative educational practices in citizenship education with a focus on the operationalization of assessment (IO2).

    Methods: evaluation and analysis of assessment practices from eight countries (Duration: May 2022 – Aug 2023).

    Result 3

    A repository of methods for formative assessment that we adapt for usage within citizenship education and prime towards local contextualization (IO3).

    Methods: workshops and training courses for experts and teachers from eight countries (Duration: Jan 2022 – Feb 2024).

    Result 4

    a roadmap to support school teams with implementing formative assessment in citizenship education (IO4).

    Methods: policy analysis & design teacher training modules (MOOC course, a platform) (Duration: Sept 2023 – Oct 2024).

    Training session 1

    Kromeriz, the Czech Republic, 29th and 30th September 2022
    The training session was the first opportunity for meeting the teachers from Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Italy, Lithuania and the Czech Republic to discuss the educational practices in citizenship education and methods of assessment.

    Training will continue in Sicily, 2023.

  • Partner institutions

    • AG Stedelijk Onderwijs Antwerpen, Belgium (coordinator)
    • OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway
    • Karel de Grote University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Belgium
    • Euroface Consulting s.r.o., Czech Republic
    • Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
    • Andragoski zavod Ljudska univerza Velenje, Slovenia
    • Socialiniu projektu institutas, Lithuania
    • National Training Center, Bulgaria
    • Centro Iniziative Ricerche e Programmazione economica, Italy
  • Partner schools in Norway