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To support the European Commission in the development and implementation of the FOOD 2030 policy framework and its action plan, FIT4FOOD2030 aims to establish a sustainable multi-stakeholder, multi-level platform, mobilizing a wide variety of stakeholders at the level of cities, regions, countries, and Europe.

The project will support the urgently needed transformation of research and innovation (R&I) on food and nutrition security (FNS) by providing a network and instruments for the adoption of a food system and Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) approach to R&I.

AFI/OsloMet monitors and evaluates the project in a way that facilitates learning for transformation within the network and supports its development into a sustainable platform as well as its adherence to the principles of RRI and other ethics issues. A monitoring and evaluation (M&E) methodology which enhances reflexive learning (Dynamic Learning Agenda) will be used.

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