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Holistic approach to increased student exchange in early childhood education (HETBLU)

The HETBLU project aims to strengthen the culture for internationalization and increased student exchange at early childhood institutions.

In the HETBLU project our focus is to strengthen the culture of internationalization and inspire both staff and students to further increase student exchange at the Early Childhood Education programme.

The main objective of the project is significant and continued increase in student numbers participating in international exchange programmes in the Early Childhood Education programme.

Traditionally, exchange programmes have been associated with administrative tasks. Our ambition is that more exchange opportunities reach students through information tailored to the target groups. The focus is on improving the academic learning outcomes through student exchange.

Through interdisciplinary Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) projects with Belgium, we aim to promote academic collaboration with students and staff from partner institutions, highlighting international perspectives. 

Blended Intensive Programs (BIPs) with Belgium will provide opportunities for short-term student exchanges, while exchanges to countries in the Global South will have a minimum duration of three months.

Starting from February 2024, India (Kolkata) in collaboration with NCI - Nordic Center India will become a new and attractive destination for practical exchange. More strategic approaches for increased participation in exchange programmes, including teacher exchanges both in and out, will contribute to the promotion of student exchanges.

Student involvement and participation in various phases will be a resource for recruiting more students. Through information and knowledge dissemination, we hope to reverse the declining trend in student exchanges and establish a culture of student exchange with the involvement of staff and leadership in various initiatives. 

We believe that involving more teachers in internationalization activities through connections to different elements in the education programme will have a significant impact.

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