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Implementing a Teaching Module Combining Quality Improvement, Evidence-Based Practice, and Knowledge Translation at an Interdisciplinary Master’s Program – QUALIMP

In recent years, the demand for evidence-based practice has increased in health services. A new teaching module on the master level is evaluated.

In recent years, teaching quality improvement (QI), evidence-based practice (EBP), and knowledge transition (KT) have been on the rise in the education of health professionals.

There is a lack of studies that address quality improvement curricula at the master’s level. Also, there is a lack of studies that address interdisciplinary study programs. Therefore, we want to study the implementation of the newly launched 10 ECTS module in quality improvement and evidence-based practice at Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet).

The module is part of the master’s level Program in Health Sciences that enrol professionals such as nurses, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists. Most students complete the degree as a part-time assignment combining studies and work. Hence, the primary research aim is to understand how the students learn to improve health services in the teaching module MAVIT4100.

To shed light on this question, we ask what the students learn, how they reflect on course design and their learning process, how they believe qualifying for QI work will impact their contributions to improving their workplaces, and what characterises the project plans students design.

  • Project participants

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