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The objective of SafeConsume is to reduce health burden from foodborne illnesses.

To reach the objective we need to change consumers behavior to reduce exposure to hazards and decrease risk through:

The ambition of SafeConsume is to initiate a new and broader approach in future research, innovation, education and food safety policy, widening the space of opportunities for improving food safety.

SafeConsume is funded by Horizon2020 and coordinated by Nofima. The project will run for five years with 32 partners in 14 countries in Europe.

The background for the project is the need for new strategies to help consumer mitigate food risks. Hazards in food accounts for about 23 million cases of illness and 5000 death in Europe every year. Nearly 40 percent of foodborn outbreaks are domestic/kitchen outbreaks and food safety violations at the consumer stage are common, particularly due to poor hygiene and insufficient heating and cooling.

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