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Sino-Norway Welfare Policy Dialogue (SINOPO)

The aim of SINOPO is to help solve the problem of poverty among persons with disabilities in China. The project focuses on labour market inclusion, accessibility and the development and provision of assistive devices.

China has recognised poverty among persons with disabilities as a social problem that needs to be solved. The high prevalence of poverty amongst persons with disabilities is well known. The many links between poverty and disability – and vice versa - were laid bare in graphic form in the 2018 UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs Flagship Report on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and disability. 

To contribute to China's capacity to solve this problem, the project will address factors that need to be in place to reduce poverty and social inequalities on grounds of disability. To this end, the project will be organised around three thematic areas:

All three areas are currently been given priority by the Chinese government. 

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    Public sector agencies and service providers such as China Federation of Disabled People will be invited to attend all types of activities in the project. Ding Peng and Zhang Wanhong have extensive experience from working with China Federation of Disabled People and other national and regional public sector agencies in disability policy. 


    In addition to the workshops, courses and field visits, the project will offer individual mobility grants for Chinese public officials, civil society organisations and disability law and policy scholars to visit Norway, and for Norwegian civil society organisations and disability law and policy scholars to give lectures, presentations and seminars in China. 

    The activities will mainly be organized in Wuhan and Fudan. We will, however, also consider opportunities for meetings, presentations and workshops with public agencies and civil society organisations in Beijing. 

    Contingency plan due to COVID-19 

    Due to the ongoing pandemic, all activities will take place online. Some funding has been re-allocated to desk research on Chinese disability policy.