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Aiko Yamashita

Aiko Yamashita


My research interest lies within empirical software engineering, in specific software quality and evolution. I am also interested on studying human/organizational factors in computing.

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Scientific publications

Tahir, Amjed; Dietrich, Jens; Counsell, Steve; Licorish, Sherlock; Yamashita, Aiko (2020). A large scale study on how developers discuss code smells and anti-pattern in Stack Exchange sites. Information and Software Technology . Vol. 125.

Yamashita, Aiko; Petrillo, Fabio; Khomh, Foutse; Guéhéneuc, Yann-Gaël (2018). Developer interaction traces backed by IDE screen recordings from think aloud sessions. Proceedings - International Conference on Software Engineering .

Yamashita, Aiko; Abtahizadeh, S Amirhossein; Khomh, Foutse; Guéhéneuc, Yann-Gaël (2017). Software evolution and quality data from controlled, multiple, industrial case studies. IEEE International Working Conference on Mining Software Repositories .

Yamashita, Aiko (2017). Modernization from a Maintenance Process Perspective: Challenges and Lessons Learned. Journal of Advances in Information Technology . Vol. 8.

Jørgensen, Magne; Yamashita, Aiko (2016). Cultural Characteristics and Their Connection to Increased Risk of Software Project Failure. Journal of Software . Vol. 11.

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Soh, Zepyr; Yamashita, Aiko; Khomh, Foutse (2016). Do Code Smells Impact the Effort of Different Maintenance Programming Activities?. Jiu, Annie (Ed.). 2016 IEEE 23rd International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution, and Reengineering (SANER). Kapittel. p. 393-402. IEEE.

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Yamashita, Aiko; Zanoni, Marco; Fontana, Francesca Arcelli; Walter, Bartosz (2015). Inter-smell Relations in Industrial and Open Source Systems: A Replication and Comparative Analysis. 2015 IEEE 31st International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution (ICSME), Bremen, 29. september-1. october, 2015. Technical Research Track - Modularity. p. 121-130. IEEE.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete