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Kristina Solum

Kristina Solum

Scientific publications

Solum, Kristina (2018). The tacit influence of the copy-editor in literary translation. Perspectives: Studies in Translation Theory and Practice . Vol. 26.

Solum, Kristina (2017). (Im)politeness between copy-editors and translators: Working from different islands?. 22 p. FLEKS - Scandinavian Journal of Intercultural Theory and practice . Vol. 4.

Solum, Kristina (2017). Translators, editors, publishers, and critics. Multiple translatorship in the public sphere. Alvstad, Cecilia; Greenall, Annjo Klungervik; Jansen, Hanne; Taivalkoski-Shilov, Kristiina (Ed.). Textual and Contextual Voices of Translation. Kapittel 3. p. 39-60. John Benjamins Publishing Company.

Solum, Kristina (2015). Multiple Translatorship: Identifying the Ghost Translator. Publications of the University of Eastern Finland. Reports and Studies in Education, Humanities, and Theology . Vol. 3.

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