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Arnab Chaudhuri

Arnab Chaudhuri


Fluid Flow, Heat Transfer, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), High-Performance Computing
Modeling & Simulation, Compressible flow, Turbulence, Shock Wave

Scientific publications

Brahmi, N; Hadjadj, Abdellah; Soni, V; Chaudhuri, Arnab (2020). Analysis of shock-wave diffraction over double cylindrical wedges. Part II: Vorticity generation. Acta Astronautica .

Brahmi, N; Hadjadj, Abdellah; Soni, V; Chaudhuri, Arnab (2020). Analysis of shock-wave diffraction over double concave cylindrical wedges. Part I: Shock dynamics. Acta Astronautica .

Rubinetti, Donato; Weiss, Daniel A.; Kraniotis, Dimitrios; Chaudhuri, Arnab (2020). Fully integrated numerical design tool to assess the thermal performance of phase change materials (PCM) in the built environment. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science (EES) . Vol. 410.

Kraniotis, Dimitrios; Chaudhuri, Arnab (2019). CFD modelling of fan pressurization method in buildings - The impact of dynamic wind on airtightness tests. et al., , (Ed.). Proceedings of the 40th AIVC Conferenece. 8th TightVent Conference. 6th Venticool Conference. From energy crisis to sustainable indoor climate – 40 years of AIVC. 5B. p. 729-729. Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre (AIVC).

Chaudhuri, Arnab; Jacobs, Gustaaf B; Hong, Xiao (2019). Numerical Analysis of Shock Wave Diffraction. Sasoh, Akihiro; Aoki, Toshiyuki; Katayama, Masahide (Ed.). 31st International Symposium on Shock Waves 1 Fundamentals. Volume 1. p. 1209-1215. Springer Publishing Company.

Chaudhuri, Arnab (2019). On Shock Propagation through Double-Bend Ducts by Entropy-Generation-Based Artificial Viscosity Method. Entropy . Vol. 21.

Soni, Vineet; Chaudhuri, Arnab; Brahmi, Nassim; Hadjadj, Abdellah (2019). Turbulent structures of shock-wave diffraction over 90° convex corner. Physics of Fluids . Vol. 31.

Rubinetti, Donato; Weiss, Daniel A.; Chaudhuri, Arnab; Kraniotis, Dimitrios (2018). Convective Melting Modeling Approach for Phase Change Materials with Variable Boundary Heating. Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings .

Chaudhuri, Arnab (2018). Shock propagation and diffraction through cavity. Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings .

Ayarmal, Azada; Melhus, Ole; Chaudhuri, Arnab (2018). The effects of fan and door opening on a cold storage room: a numerical study. Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings .

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