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Dimitrios Kraniotis

Dimitrios Kraniotis

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Architecture and building technology   Building, construction and transport technology   Building technology

Subject areas

Building physics   Heat and moisture transfer   Energy and indoor environment   Sustainability in the built environment   Life cycle assessment   Timber buildings   Building technology


Greece   Norway

Research projects

  • Development of a less polluting, automated façade system connected to the building management system

    An innovative project offering a CO2-reducing, remote façade maintenance system that will contribute to green change both nationally and internationally.

  • HYPERION project

    HYPERION will produce a comprehensive tool to assess threats of climate change in tandem with other natural hazards to cultural heritage sites.

  • Net-Zero Future

    To enable a rapid global movement toward the built environmentʼs carbon footprint reduction, this project will initiate an international alliance to coordinate and perform research, educational, and outreach activities to realize net-zero built structures.

Scientific publications

Coelho, Guilherme Barreto Arez ; Ostapska, Katarzyna; Kraniotis, Dimitrios ; Brozovsky, Johannes Georg; Loli, Arian (2024). Development of a hybrid timber and aluminum based unitized façade system resilient to the future weather conditions in Europe via monitoring campaigns and computational models. Procedia Structural Integrity. Vol. 55.

Choidis, Petros ; Coelho, Guilherme Barreto Arez ; Kraniotis, Dimitrios (2023). Assessment of frost damage risk in a historic masonry wall due to climate change. 18 p. Advances in Geosciences. Vol. 58.

Hosamo, Haidar ; Nielsen, Henrik Kofoed; Kraniotis, Dimitrios ; Svennevig, Paul Ragnar; Svidt, Kjeld (2023). Improving building occupant comfort through a digital twin approach: A Bayesian network model and predictive maintenance method. 23 p. Energy and Buildings. Vol. 288.

Kraniotis, Dimitrios ; Ullah, Samee; Lønbro Bertelsen, Stine (2023). Hygrothermal performance of nature-based insulation materials integrated in timber-based wall-systems. ISBN: 9781713873273. 4730 p. Curran Associates, Inc..

Hundhausen, Ulrich; Heyvaerts, Robbe; Ullah, Samee; Kraniotis, Dimitrios (2023). The influence of wood coatings on the moisture buffering capacity of CLT and the indoor environment. ISBN: 9781713873273. 4730 p. Curran Associates, Inc..

Planke, Terje; Nore, Kristine; Rygh Nordhagen, Victoria; Bockelie, André; Kraniotis, Dimitrios (2023). Transformation of reclaimed materials from barn buildings - Design of a new timber building frame. ISBN: 9781713873273. 4730 p. Curran Associates, Inc..

Kyaw, Khin Su Su; Fufa, Selamawit Mamo; Kraniotis, Dimitrios (2023). Adaptive reuse of industrial heritage building – comparative life cycle assessment using a case study. 12 p. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science (EES). Vol. 1196.

Figueiredo, Eloi; Santos, Luís Oliveira; Moldovan, Ionut; Kraniotis, Dimitrios ; Melo, José; Dias, Luís; Coelho, Guilherme Barreto Arez (2023). A Roadmap for an Integrated Assessment Approach to the Adaptation of Concrete Bridges to Climate Change. 18 p. Journal of Bridge Engineering. Vol. 28.

Grottesi, Giulia; Coelho, Guilherme Barreto Arez ; Kraniotis, Dimitrios (2023). Heat and Moisture Induced Stress and Strain in Wooden Artefacts and Elements in Heritage Buildings: A Review. 35 p. Applied Sciences. Vol. 13.

Coelho, Guilherme Barreto Arez ; Kraniotis, Dimitrios (2023). A multistep approach for the hygrothermal assessment of a hybrid timber and aluminium based facade system exposed to different sub-climates in Norway. Energy and Buildings. Vol. 296.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete