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Dimitrios Kraniotis

Dimitrios Kraniotis

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Architecture and building technology   Building, construction and transport technology   Building technology

Subject areas

Building physics   Heat and moisture transfer   Energy and indoor environment   Sustainability in the built environment   Life cycle assessment   Timber buildings   Building technology


Greece   Norway

Research projects

Scientific publications

Choidis, Petros; Sharma, Akriti; Grottesi, Giulia; Kraniotis, Dimitrios (2022). Climate change impact on the degradation of historically significant wooden furniture in a cultural heritage building in Vestfold, Norway. 8 p. E3S Web of Conferences . Vol. 362.

Hosamo, Haidar; Nielsen, Henrik Kofoed; Kraniotis, Dimitrios; Svennevig, Paul Ragnar; Svidt, Kjeld (2022). Digital Twin framework for automated fault source detection and prediction for comfort performance evaluation of existing non-residential Norwegian buildings. 24 p. Energy and Buildings . Vol. 281.

Coskuntuna, Salih Berkay; Kraniotis, Dimitrios; Barnoshian, Siavash; Holøs, Sverre Bjørn; Thunshelle, Kari (2022). Mostly dry: current ventilation practice efficiently limits moisture excess in mechanically ventilated apartments. Itard, Laura (Ed.). Proceeding of the The 14th REHVA HVAC World Congress 22nd-25th May, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. *. TU Delft OPEN Publishing.

Hsu, Yun-Sheng; Zheng, Xiaofeng; Kraniotis, Dimitrios; Gillott, Mark; Lee, Shin-Ku; Wood, Christopher J. (2022). The impact of wind upon the Pulse technique measured airtightness of a detached dwelling. Building and Environment . Vol. 215.

Choidis, Petros; Kraniotis, Dimitrios; Lehtonen, Ilari; Hellum, Bente (2021). A Modelling Approach for the Assessment of Climate Change Impact on the Fungal Colonization of Historic Timber Structures. 28 p. Forests . Vol. 12.

Kontoleon, Karolos; Stefanidou, Maria; Saboor, Shaik; Mazzeo, Domenico; Karaoulis, Apostolos; Zenginis, Dimitrios; Kraniotis, Dimitrios (2021). Defensive behaviour of building envelopes in terms of mechanical and thermal responsiveness by incorporating PCMs in cement mortar layers. 17 p. Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments . Vol. 47.

Hon, Koh Chuen; Kraniotis, Dimitrios (2021). Hygrothermal performance, energy use and embodied emissions in straw bale buildings. 14 p. Energy and Buildings . Vol. 245.

Choidis, Petros; Tsikaloudaki, Katerina; Kraniotis, Dimitrios (2020). Hygrothermal performance of log walls in a building of 18th century and prediction of climate change impact on biological deterioration. 8 p. E3S Web of Conferences . Vol. 172.

Hon, Koh Chuen; Kraniotis, Dimitrios (2020). A Review of Material Properties and Performance of Straw Bale as Building Material. 14 p. Construction and Building Materials . Vol. 259.

Rubinetti, Donato; Weiss, Daniel A.; Kraniotis, Dimitrios; Chaudhuri, Arnab (2020). Fully integrated numerical design tool to assess the thermal performance of phase change materials (PCM) in the built environment. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science (EES) . Vol. 410.

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