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Aud R. Misund

Aud R. Misund


Teaching Mental Health for master students. Education: Psychiatric social worker in child - and adolescent psychiatry, master in social work, and phd in psychiatry from University in Oslo (UiO). Research topics: Therapeutic relations, early parent- infant interaction, and Maternal Mental Health problems following preterm birth.

Scientific publications

Bonsaksen, Tore ; Opseth, Thea Moos; Misund, Aud R. ; Geirdal, Amy Østertun ; Fekete, Orsolya Reka; Nordli, Hege (2019). The de Jong Gierveld Loneliness Scale used with Norwegian clubhouse members: Psychometric properties and associated factors. International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation. Vol. 22.

Misund, Aud R. ; Bråten, Stein Leif; Nerdrum, Per; Pripp, Are Hugo ; Diseth, Trond H (2016). A Norwegian prospective study of preterm mother–infant interactions at 6 and 18 months and the impact of maternal mental health problems, pregnancy and birth complications. BMJ Open. Vol. 6.

Geirdal, Amy Østertun ; Nerdrum, Per; Aasgaard, Trygve; Misund, Aud R. ; Bonsaksen, Tore (2015). The Norwegian version of the scale to assess the therapeutic relationship (N‑STAR) in community mental health care: Development and pilot study. International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation (IJTR). Vol. 22.

Misund, Aud R. ; Nerdrum, Per; Diseth, Trond H (2014). Mental health in women experiencing preterm birth. 8 p. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth. Vol. 14:263.

Misund, Aud R. ; Nerdrum, Per; Bråten, Stein Leif; Pripp, Are Hugo ; Diseth, Trond H (2013). Long-term risk of mental health problems in women experiencing preterm birth: a longitudinal study of 29 mothers. 9 p. Annals of General Psychiatry. Vol. 12:33.

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