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Amy Østertun Geirdal

Amy Østertun Geirdal

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Community medicine, social medicine   Social work

Subject areas

Quality of Life   Coping   Mental Health   Psychosocial work   Health Related Quality of Life   Covid-19   Social media

Scientific publications

Velvin, Gry; Johansen, Heidi; Geirdal, Amy Østertun ; Bathen, Trine (2023). Fatigue in patients with syndromic heritable thoracic aortic disease: a systematic review of the literature and a qualitative study of patients' experiences and perceptions. 32 p. Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases. Vol. 18.

Velvin, Gry; Dammann, Brede; Haagensen, Trond Dag; Johansen, Heidi; Strømme, Hilde; Geirdal, Amy Østertun ; Bathen, Trine (2023). Work participation in adults with rare genetic diseases - a scoping review. 17 p. BMC Public Health. Vol. 23.

Bonsaksen, Tore ; Ruffolo, Mary; Price, Daicia; Leung, Janni; Thygesen, Hilde ; Lamph, Gary; Kabelenga, Isaac; Geirdal, Amy Østertun (2023). Associations between social media use and loneliness in a cross-national population: Do motives for social media use matter?. Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine. Vol. 11.

Schoultz, Mariyana; Lamph, Gary; Thygesen, Hilde ; Leung, Janni; Bonsaksen, Tore ; Ruffolo, Mary; Price, Daicia; Watson, Paul; Kabelenga, Isaac; Chiu, Vivian; Geirdal, Amy Østertun (2023). Perceptions of social media challenges and benefits during the Covid-19 pandemic: Qualitative findings from a cross sectional international survey. PLOS Global Public Health. Vol. 3.

Geirdal, Amy Østertun ; Leung, Janni; Price, Daicia; Kabelenga, Isaac; Lamph, Gary; Thygesen, Hilde ; Ruffolo, Mary; Bonsaksen, Tore (2023). Associations Between Demographic Variables, Psychosocial Health, Quality of Life, and Happiness in the Context of COVID-19. Applied Research in Quality of Life.

Leung, Janni; Price, Daicia; Bonsaksen, Tore ; Ruffolo, Mary; Thygesen, Hilde ; McClure-Thomas, Caitlin; Schoultz, Mariyana; Geirdal, Amy Østertun (2023). Schooling-at-Home and Extra Child-Caring Responsibilities were Associated with Parental Mental Health, Psychosocial Well-Being, and Loneliness. Social Education Research (SER). Vol. 5.

Price, Daicia; Bonsaksen, Tore ; Leung, Janni; McClure-Thomas, Caitlin; Ruffolo, Mary; Lamph, Gary; Kabelenga, Isaac; Geirdal, Amy Østertun (2023). Factors Associated with Trust in Public Authorities Among Adults in Norway, UK, US, and Australia Two Years after the COVID-19 Outbreak. 6 p. International Journal of Public Health. Vol. 68.

Leung, Janni; Price, Daicia; McClure-Thomas, Caitlin; Bonsaksen, Tore ; Ruffolo, Mary; Kabelenga, Isaac; Lamph, Gary; Geirdal, Amy Østertun (2023). Motivation and Hesitancies in Obtaining the COVID-19 Vaccine—A Cross-Sectional Study in Norway, USA, UK, and Australia. Vaccines. Vol. 11.

Thygesen, Hilde ; Bonsaksen, Tore ; Schoultz, Mariyana; Mary, Ruffolo; Leung, Janni; Price, Daicia; Geirdal, Amy Østertun (2022). Social Media Use and Its Associations With Mental Health Nine Months After the COVID-19 Outbreak: A Cross-National Study. Frontiers in Public Health. Vol. 9.

Geirdal, Amy Østertun ; Nerdrum, Per; Høglend, Per Andreas; Bonsaksen, Tore (2022). Changes in Psychological Distress in Five Groups of Welfare State Service Workers over a Nine-Year Period. Healthcare. Vol. 10.

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