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Benedikte Victoria Lindskog

Benedikte Victoria Lindskog

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Health sciences   Social anthropology

Subject areas

Nature/culture   Symbols   Morality   Pastoralism   Knowledge systems   View on Nature   Landscape   Belongning   Inner Asia   Community/solidarity   Nomads/mobility   Space/place   Mongolia   Global Health   Maternal health   Health systems


Central Asia



Scientific publications

Noory, Bandar; Hassanain, Sara A.; Lindskog, Benedikte Victoria; Elsony, Asma; Bjune, Gunnar Aksel; Bjune, Gunnar; Bjune, Gunnar Aksel (2020). Exploring the consequences of decentralization: has privatization of health services been the perceived effect of decentralization in Khartoum locality, Sudan?. BMC Health Services Research .

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Lindskog, Benedikte V (2014). Natural calamities and ‘the Big Migration’: Challenges to the Mongolian health system in ‘the Age of the Market’. Global Public Health . Vol. 9.

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These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete