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Cecilie Sachs Olsen

Cecilie Sachs Olsen


Cecilie Sachs Olsen is a research fellow at the Norwegian Institute of Urban and Regional Research at Oslo Metropolitan University. She previously held a position as a British Academy Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the centre for the GeoHumanities at Royal Holloway University of London. Her work is practice-based and revolves around developing creative methods for urban research and exploring how artistic practice can be used as a framework to analyse and re-imagine urban development, space and politics. Cecilie was the chief curator of Oslo Architecture Triennale 2019, which used fiction, art and performance to explore ‘the architecture of degrowth’ - alternative social and spatial structures that question the supremacy of economic growth as the basis of contemporary societies. She is also the co-founder of the urban performance collective, zURBS and the artist duo SACHS/WESTERDAHL. Cecilie has led a series of urban research and art projects around Europe and recently published a monograph about her work titled ‘Socially Engaged Art and the Neoliberal City’ (Routledge, 2019).

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Theory of architecture and design   Human geography   Theatre studies   Urbanism

Subject areas

Utopias   Climate   Relational aesthetics   Performance Theory   Participation   Urban Studies   Socially engaged art   Creative methods   Multispieces urbanism




Switzerland   Denmark   United Kingdom

Research projects

Scientific publications

Sachs Olsen, Cecilie (2022). Co‐Creation Beyond Humans: The Arts of Multispecies Placemaking. Urban Planning .

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Sachs Olsen, Cecilie (2021). Fremtidsfabrikken: Fra bevaringsscenarioer til transformative scenarioer i planprosesser. Pløger, John; Førde, Anniken; Sand, Anne-Lene (Ed.). Improvisasjon. Mellom plan og planløshet. Kapittelnummer 7. p. 131-150. Scandinavian Academic Press.

Sachs Olsen, Cecilie; Zaff Juhlin, Christina (2021). How to engage reflexively with messy presents and potential futures: An audio walk for planners. Planning Theory & Practice .

Sachs Olsen, Cecilie (2021). Curating change: spatial utopian politics and the architecture of degrowth. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers .

Sachs Olsen, Cecilie (2019). Socially engaged art and the neoliberal city. ISBN: 978-0-367-63486-5. 205 p. Routledge.

Sachs Olsen, Cecilie (2019). Urban space and the politics of socially engaged art. Progress in Human Geography .

Sachs Olsen, Cecilie (2018). Collaborative challenges: negotiating the complicities of socially engaged art within an era of neoliberal urbanism. Environment & Planning. D, Society and Space .

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